Supply Chain

Supply chains are constantly evolving to keep up with the increasing globalization and delivery complexities faced by organizations. Businesses are challenged to manage their supply chains and reduce costs while at the same time maintaining continuity in service and delivery. Anchorage can offer companies an effective alternative for the management of large and diverse supply chains. Anchorage can provide cost reduction initiatives and additional competitive advantages, as well.


Strategic Location

  • Strategic Central Supply Chain Location
  • Halfway between New York and Tokyo


  • 500 freighters land per week.
  • Connecting to 14 markets in Asia and 26 markets in North America.
  • Connectivity to major markets 7 days per week.

A comprehensive product that offers:

  • On and off airport development sites for specialized logistics-oriented projects.
  • Customized labor force delivery system, providing needed skills.
  • Specialized workforce incentives to support quick start-up.


All levels of Alaska government (State, City) and business leadership (AEDC) are involved as partners as well as the direct participation of Airport management.

Advantages/Supply Chain Improvement

The ANC location provides an effective alternative for businesses that require enhanced product inventory or product processing solutions due to: Asia or North America market growth, logistics inefficiencies or bottlenecks in their existing supply chain.

  • Inventory Management Hub – Forward Deployment Strategy. Locate product at a midway point between major markets in Asia and North America, allowing 4-10 hour quick-ship to multiple markets.
  • Last Stage Component Aggregation and Manufacturing Point – Parts and components can inbound from various Asia locations to an inventory/product assembly center.
  • Sensitive Products Management – Alaska’s commercial developers have substantial experience with cold supply chain facilities.
  • Reverse Logistics Management Center – Specialized solutions for capturing value from the reuse of products and materials.
  • Pharma Drug Management and Deployment Center – Specialized solutions for pharma companies involved in Asia clinical trials.

ANC offers a range of supply chain solutions, and is augmented by its status as a Global Air Integrator Hub

  • FedEx and UPS sorting centers allow for immediate access to parcel delivery.
  • FedEx – 102 weekly arrivals and departures.
  • UPS – 172 weekly arrivals and departures.

Global Status of Cargo Carrier Hub

  • Every major cargo carrier routes trans-Pacific service through ANC.
  • Daily (multiple) services to major Asian hubs (Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul).
  • Daily (multiple) service to major US hubs (New York, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Memphis, Louisville and more).

Facility locations – options for both onsite and offsite airport business settings:

  • on-airport sites – immediate and near-immediate tarmac access.
  • off-airport sites – 3 to 10 minute travel time to security gate.

Specialized Supply Chain Solutions for:

  • Pharma
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Aerospace